All pricing does not include shipping. Actual shipping will be charged with USPS from Ropesville,TX unless requested otherwise. Sorry no plastic or pay pal. Checks, money order, windmill parts or cash only.

These patterns were made with measurements taken from original wooden parts of the windmill. All the parts are rough cut and then planed to size. White oak is used for the wheel arms (spokes) and tail cross bars. Select and better of air dried Louisiana Cypress is used for the slotted bands and tail slats. Wheels are shipped unassembled with stainless steel screws and instruction for assembly. Call and I can give you the names of someone who can make you a wheel and or a tail.


I no longer make wood towers.They are constructed in the style of the antique towers observed through out the U.S. These towers can be described as a bent leg tower, because the tower legs curve outward from the top.They are constructed from full dimensional cut fur lumber. Included is a galvanized angle iron stub tower with tower cap and storm stay. They are assembled with cambium plated bolts and long screws designed similar to a lag screw.


Brand Style Wheel Spokes Tails
Challenge 10 Foot Direct Stroke      
Challenge 10 Foot O.K.      
Challenge Small Spear      
Challenge Large Spear      
Dempster 10 Foot #3      
Dempster 10 Foot #4      
Dempster 10 Foot #9      
Dempster 12 Foot #9      
Dempster 10 Foot #11      
Dempster 12 Foot #11      
Dempster 10 Foot #14      
Duplex 10 Foot      
Elgin 10 Foot Hummer      
Elgin 10 Foot #2      
Fairbanks Morse 8.5 Foot Eclipse      
Fairbanks Morse 10 Foot Eclipse      
Fairbanks Morse 12 Foot Eclipse      
Fairbanks Morse 14 Foot Eclipse      
Flint and Walling 8.5 Foot Star #26      
Flint and Walling 10 Foot Original Star      
Flint and Walling 10 Foot Star Model 15      
Flint and Walling 10 Foot Leader      
Baker 10 Foot Monitor L      
Baker 12 Foot Monitor L      
U.S. Wind Engine 10 Foot Halladay Standard      
U.S. Wind Engine 8.5 U.S. Model 'E'      
U.S. Wind Engine 10 U.S. Model 'E'      
U.S. Wind Engine 12 U.S. Model 'E'      
Perkins 10 Foot      
Pipe Raymond 10 Foot      
Pipe Raymond 12 Foot      


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