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 In 1995 I began collecting windmills for the purpose of erecting my own little windmill museum. As of today, I have not started my museum, but I have collected numerous windmills for the purpose of using them for patterns for many of the windmill parts I now make and sell. This windmill site is an ongoing project of listing many of the parts I sell.

 Most of the windmill parts that you will find in these pages are made for the out of production windmills. The brands I have parts for are Eclipse, Standard, Dempster, Monitor, Challenge, Star and Fairbury just to name a few, I use original windmill parts for patterns and manufacture these parts myself to the specifications of the original parts.

 I build the wooden wheels for most of the brands of windmills. The picture on the left is of the wheel and tails built for a 25 foot Eclipse on display at the American Wind Power Museum in Lubbock,Texas. I was fortunate enough that they allowed me to make the wood wheel and tails for this windmill. Below is a 22 1/2 foot Standard for which I also made the wood wheel and tails.

 This is the building where I do most of the metal work on windmills. It is equipped with all the tools I need, including a large metal lathe, press, milling machine, welder and etc. One room is devoted to painting of wood wheels and tails.
  This is the only windmills I have standing. One is a 10 foot Aermotor on a 165 foot deep water well and the other is a 6 1/2 foot Monitor W series.


 I have in stock or can make for most brands of windmills wooden wheels and tails, wood
bearings, wood pitman's, pitman pins, pivot rods and regulating rods for folding windmills,
pump rods, tin oil reservoir covers, UHMW plastic washers, main shafts,
new old stock parts, and original parts.


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